A former commercial director and producer, Jim LaRoche has written and produced many award-winning TV and radio campaigns. His clients have included McDonald's, Paramount Pictures, Chevrolet, Kodak, 7-Up, Ralph Lauren, Domino's Pizza, MGM-UA, and the National Dairy Board.

Jim began his advertising and graphic design career in the mid-1980's while working as a writer and creative director in the interactive and ad agency marketplaces.

Before founding LaRoche Creative Group, Jim was a Creative Director for Skidmore Advertising and Bateman, Bryan & Galles in Dallas, Texas; Interactive TeleMedia and CGRW Advertising in Los Angeles, California.

His clients today include national retail companies and national marketers.

Jim was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, studied at the Praestegaard Film School in Denmark, and graduated cum laude with a communications degree from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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